Have you heard that popular joke doing the rounds on the internet over the last 2 years? It went like “Having a corporate Zoom account was the new having a car.” Yes, that’s how much the way businesses and teams communicate and collaborate with each other changed…forever! Email communication alone hasn’t been the most productive or efficient way to run a business profitably.

The young and growing workforce globally needs to be able to have private conversations,  private and public group chats, video calls, file sharing and more All Under A Single Hub For Collaboration. That’s where productivity tools like business messaging apps came into the picture. More and more businesses started adopting messaging tools like Slack and ChatHQ which made all that seamlessly possible which email couldn’t.

What do these tools/platforms do?

Well, call them team chat apps, call them collaboration tools or call them productivity boosters, because they make your conversations easier to track, upgrade teamwork, and help build up a better company culture – a world beyond just email black holes. This holds true especially with the ever growing culture of remote working/WFH. Businesses who adapt quickly and get their communication and collaboration processes across teams organized are bound to thrive in such fiercely competitive times. If you are reading this, chances are that you are already aware of such collaboration tools like ChatHQ… And love using them in your daily work environment.

ChatHQ – the Slack alternative for teams that prioritize clarity

Okay, everyone likes Slack, right? Credit where due. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They got the word out early and changed the way businesses communicate because… It was so different from email. But here’s the thing: Slack may be loaded with features, but does it have ALL the features YOU need? Also, communication and collaboration is tied to the culture and each business is different. This allowed for more business communication platforms to thrive in the market. How? By leveraging the focus on a specific set or niche of small business customers and bridging the existing market gap.

The All-Around Aspect of ChatHQ

Before we start unpacking the entire list of features and benefits of ChatHQ, let’s start with what truly sets ChatHQ apart from Slack and many other competitors out there. ChatHQ is the only platform out there that allows you to manage internal Team Communication, Lead Generation AND Customer Support into a single real-time chat platform that is easier and more secure than text and email! 

Team Communication & Collaboration: Every company needs efficient team communication to be successful. ChatHQ is the only software on the market that will turn your ordinary team communication into EXTRAORDINARY team communication!

Omnichannel Live Chat: With ChatHQ’s omnichannel live chat, you can provide live support for prospects and customers that flows directly into your ChatHQ workspace keeping all external communication in a single platform! Slack doesn’t have this.

Fully Customized Interface: Get your own branding, customized workspace colors, and even customize your home screen! Slack doesn’t have this. 

Unlimited Integrations: Build your own custom webhooks right inside ChatHQ, or integrate directly with other top softwares. Slack doesn’t have this. 

Unlimited Messages: Truly unlimited message history and search for efficient communication and collaboration. Free Slack doesn’t have this. 

Audio and Video Messaging: While Slack does offer features like video and audio calls, it requires both parties to be present for the call. However, with ChatHQ, you can also leave  audio or video messages for your team members & clients… Again, Slack doesn’t have this.

And that’s not all… You can check out all the features in detail here.

The additional platforms you would need in order to fill this gap require you to pay for the subscriptions over and over again, shooting up the costs and overheads sky high! This eventually translates into lower productivity and less profitability.

Schedule a Free ChatHQ Demo account today and we will walk you through the entire platform.

Let’s talk about $$$

A truly great platform is the one which, while offering you loads of benefits and upgrades keeps the cost economy under check as well. ChatHQ clearly beats Slack at it again, saving you loads of money year after year!

Slack (per user)

ChatHQ (per user)

Pro: $6.67

Starter: $1.63

Business: $12.50

Pro: $0.99

Enterprise: Custom

Agency: $0.40

ChatHQ also has custom enterprise solutions for marketing agencies or companies who plan on bringing more than 500 total users into their workspace! We can jump on a call with you and your team to discuss enterprise pricing! Now, multiply the above costs with the number of user accounts you have and then multiply that with 12 months. That’s the kind of savings ChatHQ offers you while offering you a loaded upgrade on features and benefits – month after month – year after year – all under one single platform!

We are still not done here. There are times when you need to add external members such as contractors, interns or clients to your business chat platform.

  • With Slack, you get 5 free guest accounts per paid account but even then, the functionality is still extremely limited. For example, such guests can only be part of 1 channel.

  • With ChatHQ, you don’t get charged per user. We charge a flat monthly/yearly fee for a particular number of users. We give you a per user price to understand how much less you will be paying per user, however you only pay a flat fee with full access to all functionalities.

Register your account here and get 2 months off on our yearly plans. Your credit card will NOT get charged until after your 14 day free trial ends. You can cancel before your trial ends to avoid the payment completely. Now that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

Want to know what our clients say about us?

Our clients love us. They even go on to mention that ChatHQ is already better than Slack in more ways than one. Check out our client testimonials here.

Zoom Out

All things considered, ChatHQ comes out as a clear winner in this battle of business chat apps. 

  • More features.

  • More benefits.

  • Less distractions.

  • Improved productivity.

  • Safe and secure.

  • Wayyy less expensive.

Signup now to claim your 14-day Trial Account.

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