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Making Omni-channel chat experience is now accessible to marketing agencies of all sizes

Hello, all you follow agency owners out there! As marketers, we are sure you are already utilizing Omni-channel targeting in your marketing campaigns. You know, you gotta follow your target audience on platforms where they hang out. We don’t run marketing campaigns on JUST Google anymore. Gone are those days! We don’t run marketing campaigns on JUST desktop anymore. Gone are those days! We have to be present on several device types such as mobile, tablets. Even just being present is not enough if our tools and assets aren’t optimized for each platform and device type.

In this fiercely competitive world, marketing agencies are adopting an omni-channel approach to be able to nurture potential leads and engage with them on several platforms successfully…. And the most successful ones are those which have been able to manage all of this – under one unified platform. In a similar fashion, Omni-channel chat is becoming extremely popular among marketing agencies, allowing them to create profitable marketing, sales & service strategies.

What really is Omni-channel Chat Experience

Just like the example above, the omni-channel chat experience is marketing, selling or providing support to your customers, no matter how or which platform they are reaching out on. But that sounds like a tedious exercise, right? We’re sure most of you are already experiencing this in your agencies… And that’s probably why you are still reading this! Hang on, as we get you out of it!

Enter ChatHQ with it’s Omni-channel chat experience. Imagine this! Your team members are using a chat platform for internal communications and collaborations. At the same time, they find themselves responding to clients and vendors over several distributed platforms like email, FB Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Twilio and what not… But but but All Under One Single Platform. Yes, that’s exactly how ChatHQ allows you to provide a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of the platform or method your customers choose to use.

What does this mean for your business?

  • One single platform for internal as well as external communication.

  • Increased work productivity for team members.

  • Streamlined and organized communication and collaboration. 

  • Reduced costs and overheads. 

  • Wider customer reach due to omni-presence.

  • Omni-channel customer support experience.

  • Increased new leads and customers with Live Chat.

  • Happy customers.

  • Increased LTV and more profits.

Try ChatHQ’s Omni-channel chat experience here. No strings attached!

How ChatHQ does it better than others

There are more than one ways ChatHQ stands out from most other platforms. Okay, our main value add so far for you has been that you will be able to provide live support for prospects and customers that flows directly into your ChatHQ workspace, keeping all external and internal communication in a single platform! Be it email, FB Messenger, Skype, Twilio, phone calls or anything else – everything moves to your ChatHQ workspace. Allow us to take this to another level! Streamlining all communication from so many different platforms also means a lot of integrations between these platforms. Which either means there are limitations at ChatHQ or the prices might be really exorbitant. Sounds like a bummer, right?

+ App Integrations: With ChatHQ, you can build your own custom hooks inside the ChatHQ platform and enjoy an unlimited number of Integrations with all your favourite softwares and tools. Go enough a reason to migrate or start with ChatHQ. Sign-up for a 14-day absolutely Free Trial Account Here.

+ You Get Your Own Branding: You get all of the above features – dressed up in your own branding. This means you get to remove ChatHQ branding with your own, customize workspace colors or even customize your own home screen. Does this sound like a deal? 

+ Subscription Plans: Our monthly and yearly subscription plans vary between a humble price of $1.63 to $0.40 per user per month. What’s more? You get 2 months free if you opt for our yearly subscription plans. Compare all our plans here and save more each month.

+ More Benefits of ChatHQ Omni-channel

  • Unlimited Live Chat Agents

  • Canned Responses

  • Welcome Messages

  • Pre-Chat Forms

  • Waiting Queue

  • Offline Lead Capture

  • Hot Transfers

  • Robust Analytics

Register your 14-day free trial account here

Top Brands who use Omni-channel Successfully

Yes, it’s still the early days for omni-channel customer experience and there’s a huge difference between just the theory of it and actually utilizing this experience to woo their customers. For some inspiration, here are some of the biggies in the market that are already implementing omni-channel experience in their strategies successfully:-Spotify, Apple, Disney, Starbucks, Timberland, Sephora, Topshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Chrome. 

Join the bandwagon now and claim your free trial account here.

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