Remember the era when “Email” was new to humanity and how it suddenly came, saw and conquered our personal as well as professional lives? Post offices and other small courier companies had to almost witness the dinosaur era. Netflix came and something similar happened to movie theatres. AirBnB did the same to the hotel industry. Amazon… to the retail industry. But well, here’s the real deal: It is not really Netflix, AirBnB, or Amazon that challenged these obsolete business models and processes. It’s the lack of options, ridiculous subscription fees, horrible customer service that caused it.

Where are we going with this? Well, right to the point! Marketing agencies who refused to evolve and adapt to the changing technological needs and trends simply failed to stand profitable in the long run. Back then, agencies that adopted email as a form of business communication and client support quickly saw a huge rise in team efficiency, reduced response times, lower overhead costs and hence…better profitability.

Zoom out to 2021: It’s a completely different world again, the era of remote working. Email and text alone doesn’t suffice anymore for streamlined team communication, especially with the number of communication platforms out there for customer support. It’s a complete mess! What’s more? As a marketing agency, you eventually end up paying more as you need to pay for each platform individually and then pay for additional third party tools to integrate all these platforms together. 

The Era of Messaging Apps for Business

Over the last few years, the use of messaging apps grew exponentially. Just like email, we all got hooked on to different types of chat apps in our personal lives and it was about time that brands started acknowledging the gap and made chat apps an integral part of their internal as well as external communications. 

Team chat apps like ChatHQ, Slack, Discord and Microsoft teams have revolutionized the way businesses communicate and collaborate, helping companies not only streamline internal communication and improve team efficiency but also reduce response time and improve customer satisfaction rates. To give you a closer look, here are a few examples of how marketing agencies are using team chat platforms for more efficient and decluttered communication.

  • Marketing agencies are able to communicate with team members from multiple departments of the agency via private and public channels and discussion threads.
  • Designers and developers can get feedback on projects instantly in real-time collaboration.
  • Marketers can send targeted messages with brand guidelines via private groups on ChatHQ.
  • Agencies are also able to provide quick and efficient support to their clients externally, without having to leave the platform.

Are Business Messaging Apps killing email then?

Well, some people might believe that… but that’s not really the case. Sure, they totally reduce the usage and reliance on email like never before. Sure, they make all communication clutter free and much organized. However, one of the prime reasons why Business Messaging Apps have become so popular is because they’re easy-to-use and do not require much training and are a blessing for improved team efficiency. Which means any new member can start using these tools immediately. 

The time it takes for employees to learn and understand a new messaging app is significantly low compared to the time spent on learning other software. Businesses don’t need any additional infrastructure for team chat tools like ChatHQ, as they can be easily deployed in an organization with existing resources like computers, laptops and desktops.

Ditch Email – Move to ChatHQ – Start Crushing Your Goals

Seriously! Team collaboration has never been easier before chatHQ! Business messaging is the future of team communication. Marketing agencies around the world are using platforms like ChatHQ to maximize their company’s productivity and efficiency, all while saving time by increasing transparency in business conversations.

  • Take Team Efficiency, Communication And Collaboration to The High Level

ChatHQ gives you the ability and flexibility to create public channels where anyone can join the discussion, private channels that are invite-only conversations, read-only channels, and broadcast channels! This allows your team members to communicate with each other without clogging email inboxes or disrupting the workflow. Making it easier for marketing agencies to focus on the task at hand instead of staying tethered to their desks. 

Team collaboration is especially easy when everyone on your team stays on top of what’s happening through alerts sent directly to their mobile device or desktop browser window – this way everyone knows exactly what’s going on at any given moment. Conversations between you and your team members who might work in different locations have never been easier to track and manage.  There is no confusion about what needs to get done or which deadlines need to be met because everyone can always keep track of each other’s status updates, discussions and events through messaging on ChatHQ. 

  • Live Customer Support with Omni-channel Chat

Live chat may not be the only live support option, but it has proven to be one of the most effective for increasing conversions. By adding ChatHQ or another team chat app to their website, businesses can communicate directly with customers online through live support. Team chat apps provide real-time messaging while also reducing response time so leads receive an answer quickly rather than have to wait.

This live chat system can be added directly to your website with just a few simple steps that take only minutes without the need for any difficult coding or other setup procedures. For customers who prefer not to use live chat, they can send an email instead which will generate a ticket so there is no fear of missing out on messages from them!  ChatHQ offers live customer service through both phone call and live web chat options that are available 24/seven which means even on holidays! 

While keeping a track of customer service performance in real time, ChatHQ also provides a platform for agencies to gather feedback from leads, which enables them to improve their service. For your customers, the benefits of this increased efficiency are increased customer satisfaction and a more professional company image. Your team will never lose track of anything ever again because ChatHQ can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile phones without having to download any additional apps! 

It makes everything easier by keeping every member in the loop regarding any changes that may have taken place or anything they might need to know about a project. You’ll never miss out again because now all members are notified as soon as something happens! Whether it’s an email sent through ChatHQ, mobile app notification or desktop popup – we make sure you see events without having to constantly check another website for updates. Be wherever your customers are… without having to leave the platform.

In order to be successful, businesses have to be where their audience hangs out at. Being a marketing agency owner, you will be buying media and traffic from several different platforms. And to keep these campaigns going, your team has to be on their toes. Responding to messages over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype and Twilio Calls and what not. However, all that can get quite stressful for any company because it requires them to be present on all the platforms at once and respond quickly. This is where ChatHQ again saves the grace; allowing an easy way to communicate with your teams and customers without having to manage multiple platforms.

  • Shorten Response Times. Track Real-time Analytics

Decrease response times, increase customer satisfaction rates, improve productivity…the list goes on! Know exactly what your numbers are and how your agents are performing with real-time analytics that update every second. Download reports by agent performance (and many other options), automated email alerts etc.
Chat Analytics to see which pages customers clicked on before reaching out as well as clicks after contact was made.
Live Analytics to see your chat queue, avg. response time and more. When it comes to live chat software solutions that are easy-to-use yet powerful enough for the most demanding online businesses out there, ChatHQ is a clear all rounder that takes care of all internal and external communication for you. 

  • From Unlimited Integrations to Infinite Possibilities

You’re still with us, aren’t you? We can tell that the biggest question on your mind right now is…If there are so many powerful platforms that can be integrated with ChatHQ, then it must either be limited in functionality or pretty expensive. Right? The team at ChatHQ understands their audience. We know that “limited” doesn’t work anymore. We also know that “overvalued” doesn’t work either…and we kept that in mind.

There are unlimited apps and softwares available allowing you to integrate all your favorite platforms and tools with ChatHQ using – Unlimited Custom Webhooks! You can even integrate your existing Slack workspace so they work together seamlessly for a complete team update system. 

Zoom Out

There’s no reason why your company shouldn’t be using these tools: They save money and time, improve efficiency and ease of access and come loaded with features that ultimately help your business grow.  As they say, test it out for yourself and find out how good a fit, business communication apps like ChatHQ can help your business grow. Claim your 14-day ChatHQ free trial account here.

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