As an informed marketer, you already know that the right business communication apps can help you and your team get more done, faster! And effective and efficient communication is directly correlated to employee satisfaction. For the uninitiated, unhappy workers cost the US alone between $450B to $550B in lost productivity every year.

The good part… employees who are positively engaged obviously have a better chance at becoming brand advocates. This eventually creates a vicious but positive wheel of life… Which in turn helps you create a wheel of attracting more customers and fresh talent. That’s why, we at ChatHQ put together a list of key things that help make it easier for companies like yours to improve internal team communication and collaboration with their teams. 

Align Your Employees With The Company Mission

Most companies have a hard time getting all of their team members to work together towards the same goal. It gets especially hard to keep all team members aligned and focused when people are working remotely from different places. The other big problem is that most organizations are too top-down oriented, and they don’t know what’s really going on at every level in the organization. This leads to miscommunication, which leads to confusion, which leads to poor decision making.

It can be difficult to get people together for meetings or send out important memos. Also, how do you make sure that the information gets seen by everyone? Team communication platforms like ChatHQ solve these issues by creating different kinds of channels where anyone can post announcements about anything they want. You can even set up reminders, so there are no excuses for missing an important memo! This way your whole team will always have access to the most recent updates from management. It’s exactly how it sounds like – a chat room where everyone involved can talk and collaborate together with anyone else who works there!

Make Your Internal Content More Engaging

Texts and emails aren’t the right tools for internal communication anymore. It’s not always the most effective way to get your message across…Plus, it gets boring after a while for everyone. In order to keep things fun and engaging, businesses need to use more than just that. You can do that by using more videos, podcasts, audio and video messages, GIFs, emojis, reactions and even slide decks in! And all of that in a mobile-friendly manner.

Remember, these days conversations happen on the go! Most of your team members aren’t even stationary anymore…not for a long time anyway. Team communication platforms like ChatHQ allows you to upload all of these types of media directly from within the platform, so everyone on the team has access, no matter where they are.  And because it’s for everyone, your team members can also ask questions or leave comments and emojis, so you know how they are receiving your message.

What does this translate into?

Improved team communication! This means that when new team members join the team, they will have an easier time getting acclimated with their new work environment and company culture. Vice-versa, if someone leaves the company unexpectedly, there won’t be any confusion about what was communicated during their tenure at the company (or lack thereof). So chat away – we’ve got this covered!

Engage Your Entire Workforce By Collecting Feedback

Businesses need to know what their employees are thinking and act accordingly to improve company culture and other processes. The problem is that you already have a lot on your plate, but it’s important that you take the time to listen. Your team members will be able to give their honest opinions about how they feel about working at your company.  This information allows you to adapt and make improvements, so everyone feels happier and more productive at work. 

ChatHQ is an effective way for you and your team to get feedback from everyone in the company. It’s quick, simple, and most importantly – effective! And with our mobile app, it’s easier than ever before for people to share their thoughts when they have them – no matter where they are or what device they’re using! We’ve made sure that every employee has access to this tool whenever they need it. So go ahead – ask away!

Make Information Easy To Track And Find

Now that you have started creating more engaging content best suited for your company culture, the next thing you wanna do is make information easy to find. Let’s address the elephant in the room by answering ourselves this simple question- What’s a common, easy-to-spot productivity killer for any company?Having to spend hours just to find the right information.

That’s why ChatHQ is the clear and perfect solution. Your team members can easily find answers to their questions instantly and get back to what they do best. Everybody gets to save time by eliminating hours of searching through old emails, attachments or documents that are buried deep within folders. With channels, discussions and teams, the  information becomes accessible in an intuitive manner, so nobody has to spend all day digging around for what they need. It’s like having an entire team of subject matter experts at your fingertips!

Your team members will also love how easy it is to use platforms like ChatHQ. No complicated training sessions are required, so they can start using it themselves!  This means everyone will be able to access the right information quickly and easily whenever they need it without disrupting anyone else’s workflow. With public and private channels, you can even pin important information and announcements, so the key details are always visible at a glance – no more scrolling through endless pages of posts just trying to find the answer you’re looking for! 

Finally, ChatHQ has everything built-in that makes collaboration easier than ever before including polls, screen sharing and video chat – which means teams will never miss out on anything again because someone didn’t see a post or comment fast enough! All these features combined mean one thing…Improved team communication!

Make Your Team Members Feel Valued And Appreciated

Your team members are the most important part of your business. But how do you make sure they feel valued and appreciated? How do you encourage them to go above and beyond, every day? And how can you reward their efforts in ways that will truly motivate them?  With ChatHQ, it’s easy! Everything is simple enough for anyone at your organization to use and powerful enough for managers who want deeper insights on what’s working (or not) with their teams. 

You are able to create custom recognition programs like “Employee of the Week” or “Top Performer of the Month.” Employees get notified when they receive kudos, so they never miss out on a well deserved praise from their co-workers or managers. They also have the option to share their recognition across social media channels if they want the bragging rights by getting to show-off within the organization! 

Whether it’s a small team or large enterprise, we’ve got something for everyone. 

So start recognizing employees today with Chat HQ!

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