Why You Should Replace The HighLevel Chat Widget With ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™

Why You Should Replace The HighLevel Chat Widget With ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™

ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™ is quickly becoming the standard for website chat widgets… ESPECIALLY for agencies and companies using HighLevel! With all the fantastic HighLevel integrations ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™ offers, adopting and leveraging the power of the widget is quick and easy!

Here are a few reasons why you should use ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™ on all of your customer’s websites and funnels instead of the HighLevel chat widget:

  • The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is designed to increase sales and conversions for your customer’s business by engaging visitors when, where, and how they want!

  • The widget is fully customizable to fit your customer’s brand and website style and can be white-labeled with your Agency’s branding! So the widget is no longer “ChatHQ’s” widget but a product your company offers exclusively!

  • Using the Engagement Widget™ will produce measurable results for your customers, getting them to stick around longer, increasing their CLTV (customer lifetime value), and reducing your churn rates!

So if you’re ready to WOW your customers and help them grow their business using ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™, keep reading to find out how the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is the right fit for you and your HighLevel Agency!

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Reason #1: Unlike the HighLevel chat widget, the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ was designed to optimize your customers' websites and funnels for many conversion events!

The HighLevel chat widget is a great tool to get you and your customers started, but it needs to be improved in many ways. It needs to be optimized for conversions like other tools on the market. It provides an easy way to capture your website visitor’s contact information. Still, it does this in a very generic way and may leave the website visitor asking more questions instead of getting the correct answers to help them convert into a paying customer.
With the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ you get the best of both worlds! You get EVERYTHING the HighLevel chat widget has to offer and more!


Replacing HighLevel’s Chat Widget Without Losing ANY Functionality!

We built a specific tool inside the Engagement Widget™ called “Webchat” to fully replace the HighLevel chat widget so that when you switch over from the HighLevel chat widget to the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ you don’t lose any functionality. With Webchat, website visitors can send a quick message to any HighLevel location, and it will work EXACTLY the same as the HighLevel chat widget works today:

    • The information will create a new contact or map to an existing contact in the HighLevel location

    • The message sent via Webchat will go straight into the “Conversations” section in the HighLevel location it was sent to

    • The Webchat event will get logged in the contact’s activity feed

    • The Webchat tool can trigger workflow automations

We even added “Multi-location” functionality so you can use a single ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ for your customers with multiple sub-accounts/locations in your white-labeled HighLevel!


ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™ Offers So Much More Than Just Webchat…


On top of providing you with an exact 1:1 replacement for the current HighLevel chat widget, the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ offers more conversion events and tools to help your customer’s business thrive!

We designed the Engagement Widget™ to be a one-stop-shop for all of your customer’s conversion events, such as:


    • Chatting with customer service
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Submitting sign-up forms and surveys
    • Consuming educational content, including videos
    • Reading and submitting Google & Facebook reviews

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ also has many paid features that allow for even more conversion opportunities by adding iframes and custom HTML directly into the widget to provide a solution for all use cases.


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Reason #2: The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ offers more customization options than the HighLevel chat widget!

ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™

While the HighLevel chat widget offers a few basic customizations, you cannot create a unique look and feel to match your customer’s brand. You can only add an image, change the color, and add your agency’s link at the bottom where it reads “powered by.” But that’s it. Not to mention, the performance of the HighLevel chat widget suffers from the lack of customization capabilities, particularly when it comes to the attached popup message.
The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ takes this to the next level, gives you more customization options that add to the look and feel, and optimizes the widget’s performance to get your customer more conversions on their websites and funnels!

Customizing Your ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™

The first thing you’ll see when customizing the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is the ability to crop, rotate, and resize your widget logo image. This gives your customers the flexibility to use the image they want without needing excessive customizations to get the image to fit correctly. You can also take that same image or logo and replace the generic chat icon in the bubble in the bottom corner of the screen. This can bring more attention to the widget and further adds to your company’s branding efforts!

Customizing content and CTA’s (call-to-actions) is also very simple with the Engagement Widget™. You can customize the title and subtitle text of the widget as a whole and each widget tool you add inside, giving every one of your customers their unique widget from head to toe!
White label capabilities and branding are a HUGE part of what we do at ChatHQ, so we give you the ability to add your branding to every widget and upload your agency logo in the footer of every widget as well! This adds brand recognition to every single widget you build for your customers and gives you a backlink on all the websites you add a ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ to, which can significantly help your Agency’s SEO (search engine optimization) efforts!


Customizable Targeted Prompts™

The ULTIMATE customization feature that the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ offers that HighLevel’s chat widgets do not is the ability to create MULTIPLE popup messages (we call Targeted Prompts™) and customize every single one to fit all kinds of scenarios!
Your customer may want a new Targeted Prompt™ on every website page to help drive engagement and conversions from their website visitors. If you use ChatHQ’s Engagement Widget™, you can not only specify WHAT page to show certain Targeted Prompts™, but you can completely customize the Targeted Prompts™ to match the page they are popping up on!

ChatHQ Targeted Prompts™

You can even add images and videos inside of the Targeted Prompts™ to immediately draw the website visitor’s attention while also adding buttons inside the Targeted Prompt™ to get them to click and take action right then and there!
There is no better way to create the most customized and visitor-centric journey on your customer’s websites and sales funnels than with the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™.

Reason #3: The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ provides so much value to your customers that it will make you an indispensable asset, keeping them paying you longer!

We did it Business people giving each other high-five and smiling while working together in the

The ability to provide immense value at a low cost is what keeps your customers happy and paying month after month. HighLevel gives you this ability with SaaS mode, but not everything in HighLevel can be “held” by your customers. There are many valuable things in HighLevel that your customers will never really see or use.
The HighLevel chat widget is the one exception. It is a physical product that goes on your customer’s website or funnel, and every time your customer visits their own website or funnel, they see it, ultimately reminding them of what they are paying for.
Small business owners love this! They love the ability to point at something and go, “this is what I’m paying for that is getting me great results.”

The Ability To White Label And Resell The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ To Your Customers!

Now imagine how happy and willing to stick around your customers will be when they see the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™as opposed to the HighLevel chat widget!
Based on the results that the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ will produce for your customers, they will be blown away! Then throw in the look and feel of the Engagement Widget™ being completely customized to their brand and company colors and all the amazing features offered. Your customers will be genuinely PROUD that they are paying for such amazing software!

Providing software like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ to your customers is EXACTLY how you reduce your churn rate and increase your CLTV! You give your customers a product that looks and feels amazing and gets them results. You instantly become an indispensable asset to your customer instead of a liability! They will also start talking about you and your Agency, which can turn into more customers and revenue for your Agency!

In Conclusion: Using ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™ to replace HighLevel chat widgets on all your customers' websites and funnels is a NO-BRAINER!

When you think of the fantastic value your customers will receive from the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ and all of the benefits you and your Agency will receive. As a result, it is a no-brainer to replace every HighLevel chat widget with a ChatHQ Engagement Widget™!
The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is designed to increase sales and conversions, it can be fully customizable to fit your customer’s brand, white labeled with your Agency’s branding, and it will produce measurable results for your customers, getting them to stick around longer!

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Andrew Kamide

Co-Founder and CEO of ChatHQ Inc.

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