ChatHQ Software Update 08/03/23

ChatHQ Software Update – August 3rd, 2023

This update brings you new features that refine your experience with our widgets, while introducing a more powerful way to handle your Targeted Prompts™. We’ve also fixed a few bugs and made some performance improvements. Read the full post now for all the details.

New Features:

✨ Added click-to-edit quick action in Targeted Prompts™ list
✨ Added Location ID to Widget Selector list items for widgets created via the White Label Editor for GHL
Engagement Widget™ Selector Update
✨ Expanded Targeted Prompt™ Display Settings to support multiple filters with AND/OR conditional logic.
You can now target prompts by:
  • URL Starts With
  • URL Ends With
  • URL Contains
  • URL Does Not Contain
  • URL Exact Match
  • URL Exact Negative Match
  • Regular Expression
New Targeted Prompt™ Display Settings Filters

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

🚀 Improved initial page load speed and data caching in browsers
🚀 Improved performance of Widget Selector list
📖 Removed references to http and https from helper texts in Targeted Prompt™ Display Settings
📖 Updated description text of the Display Settings option of the Targeted Prompt form
🐛 Update incorrect icon for sound notifications control in Engagement Widget

Andrew Kamide

Co-Founder and CEO of ChatHQ Inc.

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