Turn More Website Visitors Into Leads and Customers & Boost Your Monthly Revenue with ChatHQ!

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™: Skyrocket Your Agency’s MRR and Customer Retention!

In an era where online interactions are the norm and digital marketing is key to business growth, finding innovative tools that enhance user engagement is crucial. The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is designed to help businesses drive website engagement to new heights by:

  1. Boosting interactions and conversions on your website
  2. Educating website visitors about your products and services
  3. Providing real-time communication and AI powered sales tools

This easy-to-integrate, all-in-one, tool can be embedded on any website or sales funnel, providing a streamlined and efficient way for visitors to convert, purchase, learn, and communicate with businesses. It is, without a doubt, an invaluable asset to your digital marketing toolbox.

In the realm of digital marketing agencies, two of the most critical factors that contribute to sustainable growth are monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and customer retention.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) represents the income that your agency can reliably expect to receive every month based on the subscription services you provide. It’s a key metric that’s indicative of the financial health of your agency, and it’s crucial for strategic planning and future growth. The more predictable your MRR, the better equipped your agency is to allocate resources, plan future hires, invest in new services, and gauge overall business performance.

Customer Retention, on the other hand, is about keeping your clients happy and engaged so they continue subscribing to your services. A high retention rate is indicative of customer satisfaction, which not only keeps the revenue flowing but also boosts your agency’s reputation. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer other clients to your agency, essentially acting as brand ambassadors.

As such, finding ways to boost your MRR and enhance customer retention is integral to the success and growth of your digital marketing agency. What if there was a way to address both these factors effectively?

Enter the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, a solution that promises to not only elevate any conversions and engagement on any website or sales funnel, but also provide an avenue for consistent revenue and high customer satisfaction.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll delve into how the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ can play a pivotal role in increasing your agency’s MRR and improving customer retention, giving your agency the competitive edge it needs to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

The Role of Innovative Tools in a Digital Agency’s Success

First and foremost, innovative tools allow agencies to keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology and changes in digital trends. With consumers becoming more digitally savvy, their expectations for online experiences have heightened. Traditional digital marketing strategies are no longer enough; agencies need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to deliver the engaging, personalized experiences that clients and their customers now demand.

Differentiating Your Agency

Offering innovative tools provides a powerful point of differentiation for your digital marketing agency. In a crowded digital marketplace, it’s more important than ever for agencies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. By harnessing the power of advanced tools like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, agencies can offer services that set them apart and give them a competitive edge.

Meeting and Exceeding Client Expectations

From a client perspective, they seek out digital marketing agencies that can provide them with the most effective strategies and tools to grow their business. By leveraging innovative tools, agencies can deliver superior results and exceed client expectations. This, in turn, aids in building a strong reputation and in securing long-term client relationships.

Creating Value

It is certain that innovative tools can create more value for clients. For instance, a tool like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ allows for better audience engagement and improved conversion rates on websites and sales funnels, which ultimately lead to increased business growth for clients. This tangible value creation is what clients look for when deciding to stick with an agency long term.

Boosting Efficiency

Finally, cutting-edge tools can significantly increase efficiency. Automation features and seamless integrations with existing systems save time and resources, allowing the agency and its clients to focus more on strategy and less on time-consuming manual tasks.

So what does this all mean? Integrating innovative tools into service offerings is not just about staying current, it’s about staying ahead. In an industry that’s continuously evolving, maintaining a forward-thinking approach and adopting innovative solutions like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ can make all the difference in an agency’s success.

ChatHQ is Solving the Problem of White Labeling

Addressing the MRR Challenge: White Labeling as a Solution

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, maintaining a steady, reliable source of income can be a formidable challenge. Many agencies rely heavily on project-based work, which, although lucrative, can be inconsistent, leading to unstable revenue streams. Enter the concept of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), a predictable and consistent revenue that a company can count on every month. This is where the power of white labeling, and specifically the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, comes into play.

The Power of White Labeling

White labeling is a business practice where a product created by one company is rebranded and resold by another as their own. It’s like buying a canvas and painting a masterpiece on it – the canvas isn’t yours, but the artwork, and the value you provide, is. This practice has been a game-changer for many businesses, particularly digital marketing agencies.

From a financial perspective, white labeling provides agencies with an opportunity to generate recurring revenue by reselling these tools under their own brand. This not only diversifies their income but also allows them to build a more predictable and stable financial model around MRR.

Value Addition Through White Labeling

By white labeling tools like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, digital marketing agencies can offer added value to their clients. This Engagement Widget™ is designed to engage website visitors, provide personalized experiences, and ultimately improve conversion rates. By rebranding and offering this as part of their service package, agencies provide their clients with a powerful tool to grow their business, increasing the perceived value of the agency’s services.

White labeling also positions the agency as a comprehensive solutions provider, capable of meeting a wide range of digital marketing needs. This boosts the agency’s reputation, enhances client trust and satisfaction, and aids in client retention.

White Labeling the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

When it comes to the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, white labeling goes beyond mere rebranding. Agencies can customize the widget to match their clients’ brand identity, creating a seamless user experience. Furthermore, with the introduction of AI and machine learning capabilities soon to be added to the Engagement Widget™, it gets smarter over time and can provide personalized engagement, boosting customer conversions.

By white labeling the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, agencies can offer their clients a state-of-the-art tool that enhances customer engagement and improves conversion rates, all under the agency’s brand. This reinforces the agency’s position as an innovative, solutions-driven partner, directly contributing to customer retention and MRR growth.

Integration and Rebranding of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

Integration and rebranding of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ into your services are made easy by its flexible design. As an agency, you are given the tools to modify the widget’s aesthetics to match your brand identity or that of your clients. This involves everything from the widget’s color scheme and logos, to the very Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™ used to generate new business for you and your agency customers.

On the backend, the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ integrates with existing CRM systems such as HighLevel. This provides valuable insights into customer behavior and interaction, which can be leveraged to further optimize the customer journey.

Once integrated and rebranded, the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ becomes an innovative tool in your agency’s arsenal, ready to be deployed across your clients’ websites. By doing so, you provide your clients with an advanced solution for engaging their customers, boosting their conversion rates, and ultimately growing their business – all while generating a stable, recurring revenue stream for your agency.

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ exemplifies the potential of white label solutions for digital marketing agencies. By integrating and rebranding this innovative tool, agencies can elevate their service offerings, provide immense value to their clients, and significantly boost their Monthly Recurring Revenue.

White Label Engagement Widget

Boost Your MRR with the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

As a digital marketing agency, you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to add value to your client offerings and simultaneously increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Here’s where the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ comes in.

Driving MRR Growth with the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

Integrating the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ into your service offerings allows you to create a new, reliable source of MRR. Once you’ve implemented the widget on your client’s website, you can offer ongoing services such as continuous monitoring, optimization of the tool’s settings, reporting on engagement and conversion rates, and more.

Additionally, the versatility of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ allows you to target a broader range of clients. From e-commerce businesses looking to improve customer experience to B2B companies seeking to automate lead qualification, the potential market for this widget is vast. This allows your agency to diversify its client base, further improving the stability of your MRR.

Reselling the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™: Pricing Models

How you choose to price the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ to your clients can have a significant impact on your revenue. There are several pricing models you could consider:

Flat Fee Model: A simple, straightforward method where you charge a set price for the integration and maintenance of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™. This model provides predictability for both your agency and your clients.

EXAMPLE: $50/mo per widget

Tiered Pricing Model: With this model, you could offer different levels of service packages, each with its own set of features and benefits. For example, a basic package might include only the widget integration, while premium packages could encompass advanced customization, ongoing optimization, and detailed reporting.


  • Plan 1 – $50/mo per widget (Basic Features)
  • Plan 2 – $100/mo per widget (More Features)
  • Plan 3 – $150/mo per widget (All Features)

Value-Based Pricing:
This model involves setting the price based on the perceived value the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ would bring to your client’s business. For high-traffic websites where the widget can significantly improve user engagement and conversion rates, a higher price can be justified.


  • Plan 1 – $50/mo Low Volume Web Traffic
  • Plan 2 – $100/mo Medium Volume Web Traffic
  • Plan 3 – $150/mo High Volume Web Traffic

Whichever pricing model you choose, the key is to ensure it reflects the value delivered by the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™.

Driving Customer Retention with ChatHQ Engagement Widgets™

Improve Your Customer Retention with the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

In the world of digital marketing, customer retention is often a key indicator of both your success and your clients’ satisfaction. A high retention rate signals that your agency is continuously providing value to your clients, motivating them to keep investing in your services. With the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, you can further boost your customer retention efforts.

Added Value Equals Improved Retention

The primary method of improving customer retention is by consistently adding value to your client’s business. When your clients see the positive impact your services have on their bottom line, they are more likely to stick around. Offering the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ as part of your services is a surefire way to add this kind of value.

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ offers multiple features designed to improve user engagement and increase conversions on your clients’ websites. By incorporating the Engagement Widget™ into your service offerings, you allow your clients to reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology without having to invest in it themselves.

Enhancing the End-User Experience

A significant aspect of customer retention revolves around the end-user experience. When your clients’ customers are satisfied with their website experience, they are more likely to return, translating into repeat business for your clients and cementing their loyalty to your agency.

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ plays a pivotal role here. The widget is designed to create more engaging, personalized, and user-friendly experiences for website visitors!

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ also collects valuable data on user behavior and interactions. This data can be analyzed to gain insights into user preferences and behaviors, enabling your clients to make data-driven decisions to further optimize their websites and marketing strategies.

To sum it up, integrating the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ into your service offerings not only boosts your MRR but also significantly contributes to improving customer retention. By providing a tool that enhances user experience and adds tangible value to your clients’ businesses, you strengthen your agency’s value proposition and ensure your clients’ continued loyalty.

Real-Life Success Stories

There’s no need for you to simply trust our claims. Numerous enterprises have already experienced the advantageous impact of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™! These businesses have successfully amplified their conversion rates, escalated their user interaction, and, in the end, significantly advanced their comprehensive business development.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Agency with the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™

In the fast-paced digital marketing industry, agencies are perpetually on the hunt for innovative tools and strategies that not only set them apart from their competition but also generate consistent income and foster long-lasting relationships with clients. As we’ve discussed, the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing these critical needs effectively.

The Engagement Widget™ is a white-label solution that allows your agency to offer cutting-edge features to your clients under your own brand that are designed to increase website conversions and engagement. By seamlessly integrating the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ into your services, you’re not merely reselling a tool; you’re providing a value-rich service that enhances your clients’ websites and user experience.

The ChatHQ Engagement Widget™ is also a source of monthly recurring revenue for your agency. Agencies can establish flexible pricing models that suit their business strategies and their clients’ budget, thereby creating a sustainable income stream. This widget is more than just a ‘nice-to-have’ tool—it’s a ‘need-to-have’ solution for modern, results-driven businesses.

By offering enhanced website engagement and user experiences to your clients, you’re contributing to their success, and successful clients are loyal clients! The widget’s comprehensive engagement features ensure an optimal user experience, leading to more conversions for your clients and cementing their trust in your agency’s services.

To elevate your agency to new heights, it’s time to explore and invest in the top plan of the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™. Start reselling this dynamic engagement tool and experience the two-fold advantage of increasing your MRR and boosting customer retention. It’s not just about surviving in the digital marketing industry; with the right tools, like the ChatHQ Engagement Widget™, it’s about thriving. Explore the potential of the widget today and take your agency’s success to the next level.

Andrew Kamide

Co-Founder and CEO of ChatHQ Inc.

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